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Print from Snow & Graham. Love.

The weather has finally turned cooler in the South. Its been a week full of highs in the 60s – great for getting work done.  Here’s the Friday update all wrapped up in your favorite sweater:

1. After seeing one sample of interior fabric Wendy sent me over a site with over 50 pages of fabric!  Scouring the choices lead me to pick some solid colors rather than a pattern. For a pattern, something custom will be best.

You know what would make a great custom pattern? Art from Snow & Graham. I’m obsessing over their clean, beautiful design.  Are you their illustrator?  Please give me a ring!

2.  Wendy also received a second round of hardware samples this week.  She wasn’t happy with the quality and sent them back.  Good for her!  I was so happy to hear she knows we need a high quality product.  Especially for a bag you’ll carry everyday.

3.  Late last night I sent over my bag tag and zipper pull graphics.  I’m very, very excited about zipper pulls.  Clearly, this is odd, but I thought you should know anyway.

3.  I’m learning so much about shipping.  And customs.  And ports.  The bags will actually come in through the Port of Charleston.  On a boat!  It will take 25 days for them to get here.  I’m sort of amazed goods even get transferred this way anymore.  But if you can plan correctly its worth to save oodles on shipping costs.

4. After much circular thinking, I finally had some breakthroughs in my own lifestyle marketing.  I was making it too hard and needed to step back.  The ideas are nowhere near fully baked, but at least I have a starting point.

5.  Packaging is currently on my mind.  I have this thing with boxes.  Don’t you just love a nice, study gift box that sings “Something just perfect for you is inside”?  But I’m not sure this translates to shipping boxes.

Do you have a certain kind of box you like to get in the mail?  Also, since I won’t have a physical store, are the boxes part of my store front?  Or is that just the website?  These are the thoughts keeping me up at night.

Hope you had a productive week.  The kind that leaves you excited for the next, invigorated and happy to embrace change.  Kind of like cooler weather.

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