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One of the pages I "iPhone Copied"

My second reason for going to the library was more conventional.  I needed manufacturing information.

After reading the a post in the Biz Ladies section of Design*Sponge one of my suspicions was confirmed.  Local is better when you are working to make something.

In the reference section, the library has a book of all the manufactures in South Carolina.  (Coincidently it’s made by Gale Cengage – a company not 45 miles away from my residence in Michigan.) I’ve searched ThomasNet and it’s a great resource.  However, sometimes I’m not even sure of the best terms to look for.  Having it all laid out in front of me was a huge help.

I took pictures with my iPhone of the sections of interest.  The next step will be finding the companies who can help me.  And the process continues…

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Before he appeared on Oprah, I hired Marcus Buckingham as the keynote speaker at the Interactive Promotion Summit.  He was easy to work with, called me before the event to understand the audience and gave a great presentation.  Since then I’ve followed his career with added interest.

His latest project is working with women, finding their strengths and then using those qualities to their advantage.  Take this quiz to find your strengths.

[clearspring_widget title=”The Strong Life Test for Women” wid=”4a6e274b799f5199″ pid=”4bcda0d31de2111b” width=”200″ height=”450″ domain=”cs89.clearspring.com”]

Love this social marketing approach for two reasons:

1. Who doesn’t want to learn more about themselves?  This quiz is a good one  – interesting questions without obvious choices leading you to choose the answer you want.  My results? “Creator” … another name for entrepreneur.

2. The results include enough insight to leaving you wanting more.  Part of mine was “Make sure you always…find time to be alone during the day.”  Perfect – I can’t deny I get the most done when I have time to really think.

Like any good marketing, its lead me to buy the product.  Time to fire up the Kindle.

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