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Inspired by O the Oprah Magazine’s article “Something New Under the Bun” we had a Build-a-Burger meal this weekend.  Tasty!

Veggies - Alesya Bags

Bacon Burger - Alesya Bags

Burger Ketchup - Alesya Bags

Burger Open - Alesya Bags

Cut Burger  - Alesya Bags

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Believe it or not, I’ve had several requests for the “next bag” to be a diaper laptop bag.  (Really?  Really!)  On the surface, it seems like an interesting and even good idea.  You need to take diapers on a trip, you need to take your laptop…why not take them both in one bag?

Photo via Laura Blodgett for AnnArbor.com

While back in Michigan I visited my favorite kid/baby store in the area – Elephant Ears.  That chic diaper bag everyone tells you is must-have?  They’ve got it.  The cute clothes you’ve only seen a catalog?   They have the whole line.  The high chairs you saw on the Real Housewives of New York?  It’s been a favorite for years.

Basically, they have everything you want.

While I was there I talked to the co-owner, Matt Cyrulnik (pictured with his wife and the other co-owner Jenna Cyrulnik above).  Had he heard of a diaper laptop bag?  Did he have one in the store?

“I wouldn’t do it,” he said.  Why?  “We’ve had them and they don’t sell.”  But people tell me they want them!  “People think they want them.  But you know what’s inside diapers?  That and electronics don’t mix.”

Ah-HA.  Well, that makes sense.

Which bring me to my next thought – the iPad.  There’s one person in my family who uses my iPad the most.  She’s pictured above, her favorite show is Dora and she likes short walks to the park.  You guessed it – my two-year-old daughter.

She’s totally taken over my iPad.  She knows how to record and watch videos of herself and how to call her Grandma and Grandpa on Facetime.  Her favorite app is the Elmo Monster Maker.  Even on the plane, she uses it with her panda headphones to watch movies.

You can see where this is going…

Are your children using your iPad?  Would you carry it in a diaper bag?  Does that even make sense?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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She’s Two

Last week my daughter turned two.  We weren’t going to have a party because we don’t have any family in South Carolina.  But then we decided we just do something “small” with our friends in the neighborhood.  Just cake and ice cream.

I should know myself better than this.  Every time I have a party I just can’t “throw it together” or “keep it low-key”.  It’s not in my DNA.

Lemon Real Simple Cupcakes - Alesya Bags

Cake and ice cream turned into lemon and vanilla homemade cupcakes with matching paper cups, light yellow spring M & M’s (two on each cake) and Bluebell ice cream cups in chocolate and vanilla.  There were light yellow large containers of M & M’s, yellow bubbles, two dozen yellow balloons and all the paper products were yellow and white.  I found yellow pots for my white flowering potted plants.  And, I’m slightly embarrassed to tell you, I bought three sets of candles to find exactly the shade of yellow I wanted.

Two Card - Alesya Bags

My daughter got a new yellow and white birthday outfit – white tee, yellow skort and yellow polka dot barrettes. Here presents were wrapped in matching paper and ribbon.  The card was yellow.  And in case she forgot it was her birthday, she also had cupcake stickers.

She has a great time at the party with all our friends.  As the “only” right now she just loves having other children around.  We were so grateful to everyone who came over and made her day a real celebration.

Today (almost a week later) I’m thrilled we had the party.  Great memories, happy kid.  But that night I was wiped out.  And it pretty much put me behind for the rest of the week.  Emails didn’t get returned.  Cold calls didn’t get made.  I was tired.

I’m wondering if this is work/life balance?  Or maybe it’s just life?  Either way, I’m becoming “OK” with it.  Tired sometimes, but always thrilled with the outcome.  Works for me.

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With a four-stroke lead going into the Final Round of the 2011 Masters, it seems Rory McIlroy (win or lose) will be one of golf’s super elite by the end of Sunday afternoon.  Of course, I could explore the nuances of his golf swing, but why?  It’s certainly more fun to dissect his hair.

Often, you’ll see his curls flowing out from under his hat.

Photo courtesy of The Guardian

Photo courtesy of the Rory McIlroy Facebook Page

Sometimes it turns up blonde.  Which was breaking news in Great Britain.

Photo courtesy of the Wall Street Journal

Photo courtesy of PGA.com

The hair just can’t seem to be contained.

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Photo courtesy of Sporty Desktops

And his PR team to wants you to know Mr. McIlroy’s hair, like the player himself, is versatile.

Photo courtesy of McIlroy’s Twitter Profile

Photo courtesy of Golf.com

Photo courtesy of the Image World

The big question is, do Irish curls go with Augusta Green?  Of course they do!  Hit ’em straight Rory and get ready to don the jacket.  Maybe they’ll even get you some hair dye to match.

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Eleanor Morgan Hoffman showed on Thursday night of Charleston Fashion Week.  Her final look was a stunning navy gown.  She also picked the perfect model to accent the dress.

Here it is coming down the runway.

Eleanor Morgan Hoffman - Alesya Bags

Eleanor Morgan Hoffman - Alesya Bags

Eleanor Morgan Hoffman - Alesya Bags

A few backstage shots so you can see the feather detail:

Eleanor Morgan Hoffman - Alesya Bags

Eleanor Morgan Hoffman - Alesya Bags

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Charleston Fashion Week Emerging Designer La’Daska Powell showed a very sleek line of swimwear.  But the audience couldn’t get over the custom shoes!  They stole the show.

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

This was the finale shoe and it was skyscraper high. Check out the look on the two ladies faces. That’s how we all looked!

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

Here is the designer taking her curtain call – wearing fab shoes, of course!

La’Daska Powell - Alesya Bags

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Ayoka saved a beautiful white and black ensemble for Saturday.  Of course, my favorite parts were the necklace and headpiece.

**Special note to Ms. Lucas – I hope you’re not reading this and off somewhere taking an extra long break.  You’re raising Charleston to a new fashion level.  A national level.  Thank you for your hard work, great taste and most of all your vision.  ~A**

Ayoka Lucas - Alesya Bags

Ayoka Lucas - Alesya Bags

Ayoka Lucas - Alesya Bags

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