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Contact: Alesya Opelt, Founder, Alesya Bags


Chic, Feminine, Functional Alesya Bags Launches:
Women’s Laptop Bags Enter “It” Bag Territory

Charleston, S.C.-based Entrepreneur Unveils
Much Anticipated Bag on Alesyabags.com

CHARLESTON, S.C. – June 29, 2011 – Today I’m launching the Alesya Bag, the most attractive women’s laptop bag on the market.

After years in the tech industry watching budding fashionista’s outfits ruined by bulky, masculine, boring laptop bags, I decided there must be a better way. Alesya Bags was born and I haven’t turned back since.

The culmination of three years of design, testing, manufacturing and marketing development, Alesya Bags’ unique design and quality construction differs from the standard-issue black, bulky laptop bags. And for those women who have resorted to storing their laptop in an oversized purse, this bag offers what the market has lacked – style and protection.

The bags will be in the hands of fashionable women this week with the launch of the Alesyabags.com retail site today, June 29.

Alesya Bags facts and stats:
• 300 high-quality leather bags are available in three colors – Exquisite Eggplant (150), Equestrian Tan (149) and Kelly Girl Green (50)
• Each bag retails for $265 plus shipping and tax
• The first bag was donated to the Charleston Center For Women Purse Auction held on May 13, 2011; the bag was the centerpiece of the “Beat the Heat” package which received the highest bid of the evening – $1400
• The profits from these bags will finance the next round of bag orders in July to prepare for the 2011 Holiday Season
• My goal is to sell out of this first order in two weeks so I can go to my No. 1 choice for a retailer – Nordstrom – with a fantastic case study

With the launch of these laptop bags, I’m hoping to inspire other female entrepreneurs to start great businesses. To make them believe they can launch a big idea and be phenomenally successful. That’s why I reveal everything I can on my blog – to show other women how I do it so they can do it too.

About Alesya Bags

Alesya Bags is a stylish line of women’s laptop bags created by Alesya Opelt. Answering the call for a feminine, functional laptop and all-the-other-essentials carrier, the high quality leather handbags fit up to a 15” laptop, any tablet or e-reader. Designed for the most fashionable of women, Alesya Bags look like a handbag but function like a laptop bag. For more information, visit www.alesyabags.com, blog.alesyabags.com or @Alesya.

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Let the festivities begin!  Here’s a message from me as we begin the day of launch.

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The start of the bag marathon began yesterday.  The Wait List email went out at 11:52 AM.  As of a few minutes ago, 158 emails went out and 130 of those were opened.

The best part has been the comments from people who saw the bag.  I’ve really been blown away.  Here’s a sample:

“I just want to say that I LOVE your bag design! I held off on purchasing a laptop bag because I wanted to see yours first, and I’m SO glad I waited!!”

“Showed it to a few at the office and they are all drooling!”

“I’m not in the professional world anymore and don’t even own a laptop and I still couldn’t resist – GREAT bag Alesya!!!!”

“OMG lady! Just logged into my sneak peek of the bags and they are incredible!!!”

“So, at first I was thinking… really nice bag, but when do the laptop bags come out? Then, I took a closer look… OMG, Alesya, these are fabulous!!! So stylish, and fits a laptop?! I’m sold… now I just need to choose a color… LOVE!”

And maybe my favorite comment of the day from my friend Adam Valentine,  “Can’t wait to buy one of your bags for a deserving lady.”  (Single ladies in Chicago, drop me a line if you’re interested!)

Sales have been slower than I’d like, but steady all the same.  Mathew Smith, my web guru, reminded me, “Make sure you have realistic expectations with the site. E-commerce is usually a slow-and-steady type of business. It may take some time to see some real results.”

My family has been my biggest customer with my Mom buying one and my sister also getting a bag.  Other bags are flying across the country – one to  Seattle and another to Boston – so both parts of the country are covered.  Also, Charleston is certainly represented with some of my closest friends supporting the launch.

For those of you who have already ordered – thank you for your early vote of confidence!  It really means so much.

And now…back to the trenches.  We go live to the world tomorrow!

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If you’re on the Wait List, your wait is almost over!  Look for an email at some point today with information on how to access the site.  REALLY looking forward to sending it out!

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I love you, tomorrow!  The bags are scheduled to arrive between 9:15 AM and 9:45 AM tomorrow (Friday).  Look for a full report from me later in the day.

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Alesya Bags - CustomsAfter finally getting through customs (see above), the bags are on their way from New Jersey to the port in Hanahan, South Carolina.  They are supposed to be there…TOMORROW.

Holy smokes!  Holy Toledo!  and….WOW!

If all goes well (she types while holding her breath, crossing her fingers and clicking her heels three times) that means the bags could be in my warehouse by Friday.  Amazing!

The plan is to launch the site to the Wait List on Tuesday and then to the world on Wednesday.  I’m sure about a million things could happen before then, but that’s what I’m shooting for.

As always…look for the latest updates here, on Twitter and on Facebook.  I’m off to prepare the press release!

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Happy First Day of Summer!  While it’s sunny, hot and humid here in Charleston I’m thinking about Christmas.  As in, whether or not I can place an order for the Christmas season.

Here’s the problem:

As you know, the bags are on their way out of customs.  I’m not sure when they’ll make it to Charleston, but I hoping sooner than later.  If they come at the beginning of next week I can launch the company.  If not, I need to wait until after the 4th of July holiday.

If the bags sell out right away, the decision will be easy.  I’ll place another order the first week of July.  Wendy told me last night that if I can do that they can get the new order of bags on a boat before October 1st.  (Which is good because there is another national holiday in China from October 1st – 7th)

But what if…

The bags don’t sell out?
They sell out after July 15th?
I sell 2/3’s of my quantity in the first week and then only a few?

Should I still place an order and cross my fingers and toes that they get here for the holidays?  And if so, how many bags should I purchase?  You can see my conundrum.

In the meantime I’m waiting to hear the ETA of the first set bags from my shipper.  And you all know how much I love waiting…

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