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Let the festivities begin!  Here’s a message from me as we begin the day of launch.

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After my realization I needed a video, Jenn Simpson suggested I check our Charleston creative house Lunch & Recess.  While surfing their site, I was especially impressed with the quality of the work.

Here’s an example from Charleston author Carolyn Evans.  Her book, Forty Beads – the Simple, Sexy Secret for Transforming Your Marriage, comes out on April 26th.

On Monday, I met with Ethan Jackson.  He introduced me to the rest of the team, talked about their process and heard all my ideas. I left feeling excited about the possibilities of working with them, but worried I couldn’t afford it.

I was right.

While the quote was completely reasonable, the video would double the cost of the website.  I just can’t stomach that right now.  Literally, thinking of doubling that line item makes my stomach flip.  Such is the life of a start-up.

I hope once I get the business rolling (rolling in the black, that is) to work with Ethan and his team.  Until then, I’m going to have to rely on photography to tell the bags’ story.  I’m also considering doing something on the blog, but that is TBD.  Its a fine line between personal and a crappy presentation.

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