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I woke up at 3 something AM.  By 3:55 I realized I wasn’t getting back to sleep and just came downstairs and started working.  But 8:45 I was really, REALLY ready to head over to Charleston Mailing Services and wait for the laptop bags.

Charleston Mailing Service - Alesya BagsI was on the phone with my friend Kimberly when the truck arrived.  Of course, I ran out in the street and flagged him down.

Laptop Bags Arrive 1 - Alesya BagsThen I ran back inside and had them open the warehouse doors.

Laptop Bags Arrive 2 - Alesya BagsThe truck pulled around back.

Laptop Bags Arrive 3 - Alesya BagsAnd just like that, the bags appeared!

Laptop Bags Arrive 5 - Alesya BagsYou can only get a charming Spanish Moss shaded warehouse in Charleston, South Carolina.

Laptop Bags Arrive 6 - Alesya BagsThe owner of Charleston Mailing Services, Robert Davis, came out himself to get the first pallet of laptop bags.

Laptop Bags Arrive 7 - Alesya BagsAndrew came out to get the second.

Laptop Bags Arrive 8 - Alesya BagsI watched carefully as the bags were maneuvered into the warehouse.

Laptop Bags Arrive 9 - Alesya BagsThe most exciting part came when I opened the boxes.  Each laptop bag was inside it’s dust bag and each one was wrapped in a separate plastic bag.  Customs hadn’t ripped into anything!  They were all pristine.

Laptop Bags Arrive 11 - Alesya BagsI try not to post crazy pictures of myself, but this is the only way to describe how I felt:  Tired, Relieved and Elated!

Laptop Bags Arrive 12 - Alesya BagsThe laptop bag boxes were waiting to be tested.

Laptop Bags Arrive 13 - Alesya BagsThese are the corrugated boxes for mailing.  Robert ordered 100 to get us started.  I said, “You’d better order some more.”

Laptop Bags Arrive 14 - Alesya BagsRobert, Andrew and the rest of the Charleston Mailing Services Team packed up four bags so we could see how it went.  I was thrilled with the whole package!  We sent the first four to people who are reviewing the bag.  It was a great test and Robert came back with some questions from FedEx.

Laptop Bags Arrive 15 - Alesya BagsThat’s my story!  The bags are here.  Talk about an AWESOME Friday.  If you’re on the Wait List, look for an email on Monday.  If you’re not, we’ll be launching to the world on Wednesday.  Get ready!

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Which iPad2 is For You?

Tomorrow is the big day!  The iPad2 comes out.  Which one are you going to get?  I’ll be getting the white 16 GB with no 3G.  Here’s why.

To 3G or Not to 3G

I’ve had lots of people tell me 3G is the way to go.  My friend James Damron (has the iPad now and loves it), flash expert Kaoru Kawashima (uses many location-based apps) and über blogger Melissa C. Morris (husband Chappy has an iPad and finds you need the 3G more often than you think) will all be getting their iPads with 3G.  I trust all their opinions and seriously considered getting the 3G from their recommendations alone.

Here’s the thing.  I don’t want one more bill.  You can pay month-to-month (rather than a contract), but I know me.  I won’t do that.  I’ll just pay every month and pretty soon I’ll have paid hundreds on yet another data plan.

For now, I’ll use my 3G service on my iPhone and see how it goes.  At some point, one of my friends might say “I TOLD you so!” but that’s a risk I’m willing to take.  (PS – Another tech friend, Michael Shallal, tells me there should be a way to jailbreak the iPad, but if I don’t know what that means I shouldn’t do it.  Um, I don’t know what that means.)

Size Matters

I know, I know – I’m going with the wimpiest size.  Here’s how I was swayed.

Sagar Parvataneni (SVP of Technology at ePrize) tells me you only need a larger size if you have a ton of music.  I don’t.  Jeff Dwoskin, funny man and Senior Director of Client Services at ForeSee Results, says if my iPad gets filled up with apps its time to edit.  There’s no way you could be using that many apps at once.  I totally agree!

Plus, I now have three external hard drives.  They store mostly my ever-growing library of photographs.  Not something I anticipate having a ton of on my iPad.

It Don’t Matter if Your Black or White

In most cases, I would say Michael Jackson was right in this assessment.  But since Apple is making me choose, I’ll go with white.  White is the girl color.  Black is the boy color.  Case closed.

Which iPad will you be getting?  Would love to hear all about it.  In the meantime look for two more posts today…one on cases and one on how/where to buy the iPad.

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