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Let the festivities begin!  Here’s a message from me as we begin the day of launch.

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I would like to kiss and hug the customs officer who just RELEASED my bags from customs!  (Even thought they frown on that sort of thing.)  Great victory for a Monday.  Yea!

Now I’m waiting for the final invoice from my shipper which will include examination, import and shipping costs.  Once that is *ahem* taken care of, the bags can be on their merry way to Charleston.

Could the Low Country see Alesya Bags in the month of June?  Dare I dream?  As soon as I know, so will you!

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“Where are the bags?  When are they coming?  When will the website launch?”

– Everyone I Know

OK, so those are all fair questions.  Let me tell you everything I know.

Q: Where are the bags?
A:  The bags are en route from Shanghai, to New York City on a cargo ship.  I thought they would be coming straight to Charleston, but it turns out they will be coming to NYC and then will come the rest of the way on a truck.

Q. When are the bags going to be here?  In Charleston?
A.  I was told the bags will be here June 21st.  Since this seems like a soft target, I’m hesitant to circle in my calendar in red with stars and exclamation points.

Q. When will your website launch?
A.  As you may have seen, alesyabags.com is a splash page with a link to this blog.  It used to just be a re-direct straight to the blog.  The splash page exists because the website in development.  I’ve even seen the first version!  We’re about 75% of the way there.

The website will launch when the bags are here.  I’ve heard some horror stories about shipments getting stuck in customs so I don’t want to launch the site and then have nothing to actually sell.

Hopefully, the site will launch at the end of June.  That being said, I won’t launch it if the bags aren’t in Charleston.

Q.  Are you losing your mind a little bit with all the waiting?
A.  OK, so no one actually asked me that.  But the waiting is difficult.  Especially since you pay for everything in the upfront.  That’s a lot of funds going out while none come in.  Makes a girl a wee bit on edge.

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Last Sunday was the first Alesya Bags photo shoot!  It’s for the first collection, which is technically Fall 2011.  What a complete dream it was to see the whole thing come together.  At one point I said “Wow, this all seems very real,” and my stylist shook me and said “Alesya, this is happening right now!  It IS real.”

I gathered all kinds of props to go with the bag.  Here’s a small sample of what I brought along.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

The lovely and talented Leslie Moore did the make-up.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

There are so many amazing backdrops in Charleston.

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

We even had some people watch to see what was going on…a future entrepreneur in the making perhaps?

Alesya Bags Photo Shoot

Charlotte is working on the editing this week. Can’t wait to see how the photos look on the website! I think you’re going to like them.

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iPad Ah-Ha

Alesya - iPad - Alesya Bags

My iPad is here!  Of course, it came right before my meeting with Stitch Design Co. where they revealed the first mock-up of the Alesya Bags website.  (The site is a thing of beauty.  More of that later.)

Once I returned home, I plugged it in and immediately tried to use FaceTime to call my sister.  She later tweeted me that she was in a meeting.  Soon though, my iPad was ringing and we were FaceTiming away.

I could see her office!  She could see her niece!  Her office could see my niece!  We chatted a bit more, but then she had to get back to work.

Within 20 minutes the iPad rang again.  It was my sister, but – surprise! – this time with her boss.  Apparently the work could wait.

He was wowed and even quipped “It’s like looking into the future!”  And it kind of is.  (Special note to all Menlo Innovation Team Members – I pitched the idea that you all needed iPads.  It didn’t exactly get approved, but its a start!)

Then I got on Facebook.  Checked the Twitter.  Looked at this blog.  Downloaded the Martha Stewart Living app.

And somewhere in between all this I got it.  You don’t need an iPad.  Your phone and laptop are more than sufficient to do anything you’d want to do.

But the iPad is just more fun.  Lots of fun.  Boatloads of fun.  FUN.

You want to use it.  Hold it.  See what it can do.

Plus its pretty.  And it makes everything else prettier.  I don’t even know how, but it does.  (I’m taking all my pictures with it.  Everyone looks better in iPad!)

So now, on to the design of the iPad bag.  I already see that you need a case and a bag.  How will it all work together?  I’m working that out.  Stay tuned.

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Oak - Sky - Alesya Bags

Its a beautiful day in Charleston.  And I’m inside.

But don’t cry for me.  I played outside this morning and tonight is the granddaddy of all fashion events – The Oscars Red Carpet.  Somewhere in LA designer gowns are anxiously waiting their debut.  (Early prediction?  Natalie Portman saved the best for last.  She’ll finally get it right tonight.)

I’m inside preparing for a busy week.  My nanny is on vacation (have fun!) so my work time we be very limited.  Unlike Camille Grammer I don’t have four nannies, so when she’s away I’m back on deck.  Luckily my husband rearranged his work schedule so he can be home some of the time, but I’ll still be scraping work hours together in the morning, at night and during naps.

Lately, I fallen into the trap of doing work in Real Time Mode.  You know, an email comes in, you answer it, get the reply…answer it again.  When really what you need to do is have a set task and stick to it.  Its the way real work gets done.  But its so easy and gratifying to fall into the Real Time trap.

Now I’m off to do two hard-core hours of work.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Colors - MacKenzie Image Consulting - Alesya Bags

Yesterday, I told you all the reasons why I needed Closet Analysis.  Another big reason I hired MacKenzie Image Consulting is to have my personal colors done.  I’ve read several books on the topic, but there’s only so much you can figure out yourself.

Megan started out the process by draping me with several different colors to see which ones look the best.  In good colors I looked happy, awake and more myself.  Bad colors made me look like I had no makeup on, gave me dark circles under my eyes and made me look tired.

After the assessment Megan and Shauna concluded something I already knew – I’m an autumn.  But then they refined it – I’m a light autumn.  Plus they gave me a pallet of my specific colors.  Its something every girl needs.  Here’s how mine turned out:

Alesya's Colors - MacKenzie Image Consultant - Alesya Bags

The biggest surprises?  Orange is not a good color for me.  Red is.  Go figure.  All the colors fit in a nice case compact case that I can take with me when I go shopping.
Mackenzie Image Consulting - Alesya Bags 

Then it was on to my actual clothes.  Before Shauna and Megan even arrived I had some homework to do.  Pick 5-7 images of:

1. Images That Inspire You
2. Clothes You LOVE (no matter if you think you can wear them or not)
3. Clothes You Would NEVER Wear

Here’s one of the images I picked for clothes I love:

Here’s one from images of clothes I’d never wear:

While I was explaining the clothes I’d love to wear, Shauna said to Meg “Are you noticing a trend here?”  Turns out I like feminine, belted silhouettes.  Incorporating more color and accessories was also a goal.

We walked upstairs to my closet.  Shauna and Meg started pulling out my dresses.  Megan said “OK, this would be perfect with a belt.  Where are your belts?”  Gulp.  “I don’t own any belts!” I replied.  They both stared at me with eyes wide.  “How can that be?” Shauna said, “All the clothes you liked included a prominent belt!”  Holy smokes.  I hadn’t even noticed.  NO WONDER I never look like the clothes I like.

They also looked at my “maybe” pile of clothes.  I was thrilled when they figured out how some of the pieces could be reincorporated back in my wardrobe.  For instance, here’s me in a dress I never wear, a necklace I never wear and shoes I wouldn’t normally put with the dress:

After going through my closet, I realized I don’t need a total wardrobe upheavial.   Shauna and Megan put together two weeks worth of new outfits with just the things I already owned.  My short shopping list includes pencil skirts, belts and yellow flats.  Totally manageable.

HUGE thanks to the women of MacKenzie Image Consultants for all their help.  Your advice was helpful, refreshing and exciting.  I already have one of the outfits on today.

Shauna Heathman and Megan Roberson

Shauna Heathman and Megan Roberson

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